John Zierow is a media professional with a talent for branding and storytelling.  “People want to see innovation and originality.  Doing the same old thing is not enough to establish a brand in the fast pace world we live in.”-John Zierow

He grew up in the Pacific Northwest.  His childhood was divided between the shores of Washington and the mountains of Montana.  Later, he found the beauty of the desert when he studied broadcast journalism in Arizona.  “It’s the diversity of all three places that inspired me to want to tell people’s stories.”-John Zierow

After several years of living on the east coast, John left New England and made Utah his home.  John is a proven professional with a passion for story telling.  He honed his talents for communication as a journalist.  He has a Bachelors degree from the University of Northern Arizona and currently works as a Photojournalist for KSTU-FOX13 in Salt Lake City.


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