My goal is to captivate people with communications that keep up with the times. Average social media posts, basic press releases or standard publications get tuned out. I practice the current social media trends. My ability to reach an audience is demonstrated by the thousands of reports and articles I’ve written during my years as a journalist. I’ve also worked side by side with non-profit organizers to develop and promote the Renton Downtown Partnership’s brand.

In both of these roles I multi-tasked while working under strict deadlines to accomplish the following:
-manage social media sites
-implement promotional strategies and promotional materials
-write press releases
-write articles
-conduct photo shoots
-edit video and still photos
-perform in high pressure situations
-work as a team player and independently
-keep a clear head while being challenged
-manage time successfully
-Writer, Photographer, Editor

My photography skills were an asset when acting as the Renton Downtown Partnership’s Promotions Lead. I know how to engage the public and the media because I represented TV news stations as a Multimedia Journalist. I am a writer who can make the most of social media. I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Media and Film with a minor in Public Relations at Northern Arizona University.